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# OVERSIZED 01/10/2015 / 18.00 / Cinema Světozor

Torre David

Director: Markus Kneer and Daniel Schwartz
Venezuela / Switzerland, 2013, 22 minutes, documentary, in Spanish with English subtitles.

Office tower David in Caracas is an improvised home for 750 families, vertical slum, and the highest squat in the world. What’s it like to be living there?


Mumbai: Maximum City Under Pressure

Director: Markus Kneer, Daniel Schwartz
Switzerland, 2014, 15 minutes, documentary, in English

World architects and urban planners discuss the development of Mumbai, city of 18 million people. Is it possible to find a sustainable urban planning concept in slums where everyone is their own architect?


Gran Horizonte: Around the Day in 80 Worlds

Director: Martin Andersson, Daniel Schwartz
Switzerland, 2014, 45 minutes, documentary, in English

Visual essay from the interdisciplinary design firm Urban Think Tank is an impressive compilation of material that was filmed over the course of three years in the Third World metropolises.

# DOUBLE HAPPINESS 01/10/2015 / 20.30 / Cinema Svězotor

My Street Films: Behind the Poster

Director: Michal Hříbek
CR, 2014, 6 minutes, documentary, in Czech with English subtitles

What is it like to live in a house covered by a giant billboard? A short film about how advertisement floods our public as well as private space.

Double Happiness

Austria/ China, 2014, 75 minutes, documentary, in German and Chinese with Czech subtitles

A small town in the Austrian Alps, Hallstatt, has its true copy in China where more imitations of other cities and world touristic highlights are emerging. Copying renowned patterns has become one of the means of the rapid urban development. This documentary shows peculiar scenery as well as serious architectonic visions of alternative forms of designing urban landscapes. 

# Unfinished Spaces 03/10/2015 / 16.00 / Prague Gallery

Unfinished Spaces

Director: Alysa Nahmias and Benjamin Murray
USA, 2011, 86 minutes, documentary, in Spanish and English with English subtitles

Designed by three young artists right after the victory of Castro’s revolution, the ambitious project of Cuban National School of Arts had been forgotten for many years only to be rediscovered as a visionary piece of architecture. Through intimate footage of Fidel Castro, the movie Unfinished Spaces points to his effort to build an international showcase of art and at the same time documents the struggle and passion of the three revolutionary artists.

# HERITAGE OF THE PAST 03/10/2015 / 18.00 / Cinema Světozor

My Street Films: Hotel Praha

Director: Linda Kallistová Jablonská
CR, 2014, 5 minutes, documentary, in Czech with English subtitles

A short film about the demolition of a giant hotel from the times of socialism. Why is it that some people welcome the demolition and others disagree with it? Different opinions on a controversial building of the late modern style that was demolished in 2014 despite the protests of many experts.


Hotel Atol****

Director: Adéla Komrzýová
CR, 2013, 10 minutes, documentary, in Czech

The hotel at a gas station by the highway heading to Pilsen was built by a prosperous cooperative farm according to Petr Keil’s design. A former janitor guides us through the abandoned object and speaks about why and how the hotel was built during the communist regime.


Motel Stop 1 and 2

Director: Martin Hrubý
CR, 2014, 10 minutes, documentary, without dialogues

Two short films from the cycle Motel Stop of an online TV Artyčok document two architectonically interesting hotels in Prague - Hotel Golf and a former Hotel Garni.



Director: Martin Hrubý
CR, 2014, 30 minutes, documentary, in Czech with English subtitles

Unusual, mysterious documentary shows genius loci and the troubled history of a summer residence built on the shore of Orlík Dam for communist establishment in the 1960’s by progressive architects intentionally imprisoned to work on state commissions.


Money Temples

Director: Martin Hrubý and Jana Pavlová
CR, 2014, 30 minutes, documentary, in Czech with English subtitles

The documentary Money Temples shows the architecture of banking houses of the 1990’s. The film tries to retrospectively explain and reevaluate each architect’s concept. That results in a reflection of complicated but essential and generally sidelined architectural period of the early 1990’s.


There will be a short discussion with Martin Hrubý after the screening.

# EXPERIMENTALLY 03/10/2015 / 20.30 / Cinema Světozor

3 Minutes From Bucharest / 3 minute despre un oras di Bucuresti

Director: Haruna Honcoop
CR /Romania, 2015, 4 minutes, experimental

A short experimental video from the cycle Relics of Socialist Architecture about socialist architecture in Bucharest combining archive materials of Nicolai Ceausescu’s last public appearance, Anca Petrescu, architect of Ceausescu Palace, and contemporary footage.

(L)Ost Berlin

Director: Haruna Honcoop
CR / Germany, 2013, 3 minutes, experimental

A short experimental video from the cycle Relics of Socialist Architecture about socialist architecture in Berlin culminating with the demolition of Berlin Wall.


Tower House 

Director: Karl-Heinz Klopf
Austria / Japan, 2013, 62 minutes, experimental, in Japanese with English subtitles


An experimental documentary about the family house of architect Takamitsu Azuma built in Tokyo in 1966. Simultaneous to the camera´s step-by-step and floor-to-floor shooting, the architect’s daughter reveals the story unwinding from her childhood to her present life in the Tower House.

# Concrete Stories 03/10/2015 / 20.00 / French Institute Prague

L' Amour Existe

Director: Maurice Pialat
France, 1960, 19 minutes, documentary, in French with English subtitles

Nostalgic portrait of post-war French urban planning and social development through the eyes of one of the most important directors of the French cinematography.


Concrete Stories

Director: Lorenz Findeisen
CR/ France, 2014, 72 minutes, documentary, in Czech and French with Czech subtitles

A film about the French roots of the pre-cast concrete slabs designed by French engineer Raymond Camus that were transformed into homes of one third of the Eastern European inhabitants. Pan-European story about people, private space, esthetic, and common interests of different countries without regard to their ideological beliefs. 


My Street Films: Decent House

Director: Ivo Bystřičan
CR,  2014, 5 minutes, documentary, in Czech with English subtitles

Elevator is the reason why inhabitants of a house only know people from the same floor. What connects those who have chosen from all the places in the world this very spot for their living? Minimalistic documentary inspection of local predestination and polite urban disregard.


Super Unit / Superjednostka

Director: Karl-Heinz Klopf
Poland, 2014, 20 minutes, documentary, in Polish with English and Czech subtitles

Welcome to the giant block of flats accommodating up to 3 000 people in 15 floors and 762 flats. The lifts only stop every three floors so the residents must go through a maze of corridors and stairs in order to get to their flats. Visually enchanting film captures the atmosphere of the house and its inhabitants in important as well as everyday situations in their lives.

Uváděno za podpory Polského institutu v Praze.


Glass Houses / Szklane domy

Director: Olga Matuszewska
Poland, 2014, 30 minutes, documentary, in Polish with English and Czech subtitles

A documentary homage to the Warsaw housing development built in the 1920’s and 1930’s by Workers Housing Cooperative. The film emphasizes the idea of “the right to the city” and construction of small cheap cooperative flats as an alternative to developers approach.



Life in a Coffin Factory / Leben in der Sargfabrik

Director:  Alexander Dworschak, Michael Rieper, Christine Schmauszer
Austria, 2013, 48 minutes, documentary, in German with English subtitles

In 1989 a group of 30 activists acquired a ruin of what used to be the largest coffin factory in Vienna and step by step turned it into exceptional  housing project with 112 flats, a kindergarten, a restaurant and a public bath. The film shows an encouraging example of participative, collectively owned housing and confronts us with the question: “Is it still possible to turn such an idealistic plan into reality?”


There will be a short discussion with Alexander Dworschak after the screening. 

# KOOLHAAS HOUSE LIFE 04/10/2015 / 20.30 / Cinema Světozor

Metronomy: Month of Sundays

Director: Callum Cooper
Great Britain, 2014, 4 minutes, music video

Official music video by British band Metronomy located in brutalism-style concrete Barbican Center in London.


My Street Films: Na Knížecí

Director: Taťána Rubášová
CR, 2014, 5 minutes, documentary, in Czech with English subtitles

A portrait of a house in Smíchov, Prague through the eyes of its inhabitant. How much have the house and the neighborhood changed during one’s lifetime? Winning film of My Street Films 2014.


My Street Films: Winner of 2015


Koolhaas House Life

Director: Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine
France, 2008, 58 minutes, documentary, in French with English subtitles

Unusual look on the masterpiece of contemporary architecture - Rem Koolhaas’ house in Bordeaux shown through daily chores of the housekeeper Guadalupe Acedo. Funny and original way to describe the anatomy of atypical family house.

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