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A civic association KRUH in cooperation with local organizations and initiatives prepares already seventh nation-wide festival in Czech and Moravian cities and municipalities of all sizes. This year, it will take place on September 30 and October 1, 2017.

This year, the main theme is Water as a symbol of an irreplaceable source which at the same time can be a dangerous elemental power. The symbiosis of a city, village and river is therefore crucial. Moreover, a river represents broader associations, mainly provision of cultural and natural landscape. People will hear about all these aspects in more than sixty Czech and Slovak cities during walks guided by architects, urban planners, historians, and other experts. They will present not only structures directly associated with water but also contemporary architecture and historical monuments. Architecture Day is not just walks, but also bike rides, boat cruises, screenings, workshops for families, art installations, and this year, there might be also a swimming happening.

Procházky po českých a moravských městech s architekty a teoretiky ZDARMA!

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