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Programme 2015

Benešov – What Can Be A City Centre?

Why does the center of Benešov look like this? Which high-quality constructions were built here after the revolution? Why are there so many houses missing in the center? What is a square and how should it look like? What has disappeared and what is new? Is there a lack of green spaces, parking lots, or anything else? Through the city center with a map and members of archibn association.
Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, Masarykovo Sq. (by the town hall)

Beroun – Encounter With A House

Journey around Beroun ending with an intense encounter with one family house. With a house hiding on the hill in the trees.
Guided by Ummagumma Architects.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 3 pm, in front of Hospoda Na Černém vršku

Brno – Architecture & Comics
Exhibition Architecture & Comics

Presentation of comics authors who graduated from architecture.

Meeting point: October 2–4, Malá Amerika, Nádražní Str.

Central European symposium focused on the issue of mutual interference between architecture and comics. Exploration of not only ubiquitous architecture in comics but also the effect of comics on architecture. The symposium will also deal with the phenomenon of the large number of graduated architects working as comics authors and other related topics.

Meeting point: October 2, 6 pm, Prague/Forum for Architecture and Media

Screening of short films documenting the role of architecture in the cartoon special effects films according to the selection of Mélanie van der Hoorn, cultural anthropologist from Vienna and author of Bricks & Balloons: Architecture in Comic-Strip Form.

Meeting point: October 2, 9 pm, Prague/ Forum for Architecture and Media

Brno - Lesná – Prefab Garden City

Lesná raised attention even abroad from the very beginning with its unusual conception of loosened structure of large prefab blocks embedded into wooded hill. Today, Lesná is about to be declared a conservation area and an expert on its history and present, Martin Mareček, will show it to those who are interested in this ever-present and live prove of the freedom and growth of the “golden” 1960’s.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 10 am, terminal tram station in Čertova rokle in Lesná

Brno – Metropolitan Palaces

For the Central European modern style, city palace represents a significant type of a house that has become a symbol of the birth of a metropolis. Two important interwar palaces - Wiesner’s Palác Morava and Fuchs’ Palác Alfa - with the Editor in Chief of ERA 21 magazine, architect Zuzana Morávková. Reservation required on, Subject: Architecture Day.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 1 pm, Malinovského Sq.

Brno – Brno’s Sports Dream

In the second half of the 20th century at the former city junkyard, an ambitious project of Brno national stadium begun to emerge. What is left from the original plans today and what happened with the area after the fall of the communist regime? Guided walk around architecture and urban planning development of the sports ground behind Lužánky Park with architect Jaroslav Sedlák and theoretician Šárka Svobodová from 4AM/Forum for Architecture and Media.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 3 pm, in front of Bobycentrum Hotel, Sportovní 2A

Socialist Realism In Brno – Architecture And Official Art In The Public Space Of The 1950’s

The complicated era of Stalinism in the 1950’s brought along implementation of principles of Socialist Realism in architecture and art. The autonomy of artists is limited by state controlled institutions and architecture and art become tools of political ambitions. In Brno, we will visit housing complexes and related art works from the times of the so-called “sorela”.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 10 am, at Šelepka Restaurant, sady Národního odboje, Brno-Královo Pole.

Brno - Interwar Development Around Svitava River

Another guided walk from the project Brno Architectonic Manual will present a little neglected, former industrial part of the city that hides many interwar architectonic jewels, besides others by Josef Polášek, Bohuslav Fuchs, Jindřich Kumpošt, František Čermák etc. Guided by Lucie Valdhansová, co-author of BAM project.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 12:30 pm, in front of tram depot in Husovice - tram no. 4, Vozovna Husovice.

Brno – Backside Of Ringstrasse

A walk around the background of representative architecture and urban spawn with architect and artist Barbora Šimonová and her guests.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 3 pm, in front of the Brno House of Arts, Malinovského Sq. 2

Bystřice pod Hostýnem – Nádražní Street And Otto Zeman’s Legacy

Otto Zeman was a man who gave the city a distinguished architectonic face and urbanistic form at the turn of the 19th and 20th century so that it could boast not only intensive industrial development but also characteristic beginning of urban construction. A walk with architect Tomáš Jalůvka.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 9 am, in front of TGM Elementary School

Čelákovice – City Facing The Nature

Architecture Day in Čelákovice will take us not only to the surrounding landscape and Labe River but also to the former premises J. Volman’s factory. The environment of a brownfield and the landscape along the river is seemingly different but both environments have surprisingly close relation. Come explore the future riverbank or support the return of industrial features to the landscape. With “Captain” Josef Zumr and other architects.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 9 am, in front of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Červený Kostelec – In The Shade Of A Skyscraper

How far can Kostelec skyscraper see? Take a sightseeing path with us around the important cultural industrial monument. During our journey we will visit workers’ colony, remote alleys, or wild forest. The magic life in the shade of a skyscraper by Bruno Bauer will be presented by members of the local improvement club.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm, under the tower of the Church of St. Jacob

Česká Lípa - KD Crystal Unknown (Let’s Go Inside)

KD Crystal was designed and built by architect Jiří Suchomel and his studio SIAL. In 1974-1990 it was supposed to be a cultural center of the growing city. The architect experimented with unusual heating in that time, solar energy. Even though the citizens have never accepted the building, it belongs to the most valuable monuments of the architecture of communist Czechoslovakia.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 1 pm, KD Crystal

Česká Lípa – SIAL In Česká Lípa

Česká Lípa would not be as we know it today if it weren’t for the SIAL studio. Prime architects such as Hubáček, Suchomel, Přikryl, Zavřel, and others have left their footprints here in the form of perfectly designed public buildings. Architects Jakub Kolek and Tereza Šváchová will remember their significance in their lecture.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 3 pm, in front of KD Crystal

České Budějovice – Exhibition Rooms: Spatial Options

Visit an interactive architectonic exhibition Rooms: Spatial Options that takes place in the Gallery of Contemporary Art and Architecture. What color should you choose for your room, what kind of light, how should you arrange the furniture? And what’s behind the wall? For parents and their kids.

Meeting point: October 4, from 10 am till 6 pm, 1st floor House of Art

České Budějovice – Bridges And Footbridges Of Budějovice

České Budějovice is a city at the confluence of the rivers Vltava and Malše. How did the city manage the bridging? When and where were the bridges built or could be built? Who designed them and what are their names? Is bridge a work of engineer or architect? How do head of the bridge and riverbanks look like? Guided walk around modern as well as historical bridges of Budějovice with architects from CBArchitektura association.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 3 pm, riverbank at Dlouhý Bridge

České Budějovice - Bridges Workshop

Become architect and design your own bridge. We will create bridges from different materials and finish architects’ sketches in the square at 2 pm.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm - 4 pm, Českobudějovické Square, in case of bad weather the workshop will take place in the 3rd floor of the House of Arts, Přem. Otakara II Square 38

Český Dub – New In Old, Old In New

The constructional changes in the historical core of Český Dub of the last hundred years have marked the city forever. A walk through the city will uncover the problems of constructional interventions, for example the elementary school or unfinished cultural house. Their benefits or imperfections will be discussed with conservationist Jaroslav Horáček.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, Commendam of the Knights of Malta

Havířov – Family Housing In Havířov

Come to explore the architecture of family houses of the second half of the 20th century with architects Lucie Chytilová and Adam Guzdek in Bludovice. Experience your neighborhood through the eyes of professionals and you might be surprised.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 3 pm, Rotund of the bus station in Havířov

Hradec Králové – Jan Kotěra In Hradec

Architect Jan Kotěra has left five buildings in Hradec Králové. These are famous as well as less known structures: District House, Museum, Palm Garden, Prague Bridge, and municipal houses. A unique excursion to exteriors and interiors of Jan Kotěra buildings in Hradec Králové with historian and curator Ladislav Zikmund-Lender. Maximum number of participants is 30, reservations:

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 10:30 am, in front of the Museum fountain, Eliščino nábřeží 465

Hradec Králové – Postwar Architecture Of Hradec Králové

In 1945–1989, the urbanism of Hradec Králové was completed with several remarkable buildings and complexes. An afternoon with a lecture, presentation of a book, and a walk through Pražské Předměstí district will introduce the important realized as well as unrealized buildings, residential complexes, or statues in public space. Guided by historian and curator Ladislav Zikmund-Lender.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2:30 pm, Artičok, třída Karla IV. 13

Jablonec nad Nisou – Children Of Architecture

The book D.O.M.E.K. introduces contemporary architecture to children, their parents and grandparents as well as friends. Publisher Jana Kostelecká will present it as a special children’s part of the cycle Print Architecture. Together with instructors from Aeroškola they will make architect from every child between 6 and 12 years of age.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 3 pm, Serius Bookshop, Mírové Sq. 11

Jablonec nad Nisou –

Guided walk with architecture historian Jaroslav Zeman that will introduce the first entries on the website and online database of architects and buildings This website follows similar projects from Ústí nad Labem, Děčín, Teplice, Litoměřice, and Liberec. The walk will end with a launch of the website in the premises of city spa.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 3:15 pm, Serius Bookshop, Mírové Sq. 11

Jablonec nad Nisou - Special screening of a documentary Plán (Plan)

Who owns a city? How much is public space worth? Is developer a rude word? Representative, who do you represent? A documentary by director Benjamin Tuček follows the development of city planning in Prague. However it is useful for other cities as well. Special screening will take place thanks to cooperation with and Artproprostor in the emerging space of the former city spa.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 5:30 pm, premises of the former city spa, Budovatelů 11

Jaroměř and Water – Vanished Bonds

Jaroměř used to be bond with water more than it is now. Conservationist Jiří Balský and others will show us the form and location of vanished structures linked with Labe River (raceways, bridges, mills) that used to be here and defined the image of Jaroměř, including mill race that today forms a locality called Na Ostrově.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, at the side entrance of the Church of St. Nicholas in Havlíčkova Str.

Jičín – Tamlovka

New building is usually judged in the context of the existing development. The same applies for a multifunctional complex Tamlovka built right next to the city centre. Guided walk with investor Vladimír Dubský and architect Pavel Pršala and subsequent discussion will explain this problematic and details of the construction.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, in front of Tamlovka, 17. listopadu Str.

Jičín – New Building In The Historical Center

During the discussion about contemporary architecture in the historical center we will be presented, besides Tamlovka, with examples of different approaches to implementation of new buildings into the existing urban organism in other similarly large cities.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 4 pm, Municipal Museum, Valdštejnovo Square 1

Jičín – Enough Of Baroque

City of Jičín, that’s not just buildings from the era of Albrecht von Wallenstein. Guided walk with art historian Gabriela Petrová around some of the buildings by Čeněk Musil and other structures from the 20th century. We won’t miss the cinema Český ráj, church Husův sbor, or Hotel Start.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm, in front of the cinema Český ráj, 17. listopadu 47

Jihlava – Industrial Object Palmovka

A visit to successful reconstruction of an industrial villa from 1912 with adjacent manufacturing and storage spaces. The buildings are located in the premises of Jihlavan company near the city center. The walk is organized by members of architectonic studio UNArchitekti.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 10 am, Znojemská 64

Kokořínsko – Industrial Monuments of Kokořínsko: Dubá – Lobeč – Mšeno

Bicycle trip around (not only) technical monuments of Kokořínsko Region with expert’s presentation. We will stop by these monuments: oat house in Dubá, brewery in Lobeč, malthouse in Mšeno - and other interesting places along the way.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 10 am, Dubá, in front of the oat house, 1 pm, Lobeč, in front of the brewery, 3:30 pm, Mšeno, náměstí Míru Square.

Kolín – Jaselská – City Barrier

The main road through the city is no longer useful when the ring road was finished and it becomes a mere barrier harming the city. Vojtěch Malina (Technical University in Liberec) will present his diploma project of humanization of artery roads.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 10 am, Dukelských hrdinů 214

Kolín – City On The River / By The River

We will walk along the riverbank from Kmochův ostrov to the train station. We’ll try to find out if Kolín is a city “by the river” or “on the river”. We will explore the beauties of the local wilderness, bridges, and other architectonic phenomena near the river. We will introduce some of the planned projects. The walk will be guided by architect Vojtěch Ertl and botanist Jan Albert Šturma.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, Kmochův ostrov

Kolín – Screening – Miloš Forman’s Black Peter

Look for pictures of 1960’s Kolín in the movie Black Peter by Miloš Forman from 1963. You will see shots of Kmochův ostrov, Karlovo Square, Zahradní Str., or Podskalského nábřeží.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 4:30 pm, Na Skále, Kolín

Kyjov – Modern Kyjov

In the 1930’s, many high-quality buildings emerged in Kyjov mainly thanks to the local functionalists (J. Polášek, L. Hilgert, B. Tureček). Come through the city with local architect Vladislav Králíček. We will visit some of these buildings and compare them with what is being built in Kyjov today.
Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2:30 pm, in front of the town hall (Masarykovo Sq. 1)

Litoměřice - Housing Estate – Place For Life?

Prefab housing estates are inseparably connected with the time of their construction and usually have a bad reputation. Platform Litoměřice///Leitmeritz will show that nothing is just black and white and that it is possible to live happily in a housing estate. On the other side, we cannot pretend that everything should be “colorful” as the current insulating trend commands.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, in front of the swimming pool (Daliborova 7)

Lomnice nad Popelkou – Greasy Factory

Guided tour with Pavel Doležal and architect Jitka Trevisan. Exhibition of works by architecture students. More info

Meeting point: from October 3, 10 am till October 4, 6 pm (two days), Antala Staška 212

Mariánské Lázně – Lookouts And Monuments

Walk on the old promenade paths around lookouts and monuments near Mariánské Lázně with Director of the Municipal Museum of Mariánské Lázně Jaromír Bartoš.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 10 am, parking lot at the cemetery

Mariánské Lázně – Abandoned And Decaying Houses

A reminder of the former glory of abandoned and decaying structures in the center of Mariánské Lázně. The possible solutions of their pressing state with architect Vojtěch Franta.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm, in front of Kavkaz Hotel, Goethovo Square 15

Mělník – Normalization Architecture In Context

Conservationist Mirka Lacinová will summarize the development of Mělník architecture in the 20th century, remember the most significant buildings and urban planning projects. After that we will focus on normalization adaptation of náměstí Karla IV Sq. - what led to it, what had to stand aside, and how it served its purpose. We will have a look at historical photographs and talk with the witnesses.

Meeting point: Fri, October 2, 5 pm, improvised café Budoucnost, 1st floor, Dům služeb, náměstí Karla IV. 3359 (main entrance from south)

Mělník – Playing With Architecture For Families

Educational program for children and adults in an improvised café Budoucnost (Future). Work with different materials, spatial imagination, style-making elements. Space for relaxation, presentation of projects from architectural-urban planning competition Revitalization of náměstí Karla IV. Workshop for everyone with Mělník Cultural Center.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 10 am – 2:30 pm, improvised café Budoucnost, 1st floor, Dům služeb, náměstí Karla IV. 3359 (main entrance from south)

Mělník – Future Of Náměstí Karla IV?

Panel discussion with the winning team of idea competition on the transformation of náměstí Karla IV Sq., with municipal representatives and conservationists in the decaying and rejected building from the 1980’s. Why should we invest in good urban planning and architecture? Walk around places in discussion, concert, party in the building.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 3 pm, improvised café Budoucnost, 1st floor, Dům služeb, náměstí Karla IV. 3359 (main entrance from south)

Mělník – History And Present Time Of Mělník Fortification

With the disappearance of the need to fortify cities, a question arouse of what to do with the fortification and space it took. How city of Mělník solved this question in the past and what is the future of its fortification and the surrounding space - guided walk with members of Mělník Debates club.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 1:30 pm, náměstí Karla IV. 3359, between department stores

Mělník – Public Space – Vision For Mělník

What would you like Mělník to be for you in the future? A city that changes according to your wishes, or a city whose development you have to adapt to? Public debate about the vision for public space in Mělník and for particular localities with experts and citizens.
Organized by Mělník Debates.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 3 pm, improvised café Budoucnost, 1st floor, Dům služeb, náměstí Karla IV. 3359

Mnichovo Hradiště - Cultural, Historical And Modern Landscape

Starting at the Castle Mnichovo Hradiště whose composition in Baroque style overlaps with open landscape. Presenting high-quality architecture in family housing development - cultural landscape. Stopping in places covered in pleasant green and then returning back to the historical part where old is wedded to new. Guided by architect Milan Macoun and landscape engineer Jan Štrojsa.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 10 am, courtyard of the Castle Mnichovo Hradiště in front of the ticket office

Nenačovice – Eco-Center Archa Country Life

Guided tour through Country Life building demonstrating environment-friendly approach. Guided by the architect Aleš Brotánek. It is a transformation of a former cow house into a multifunctional object in energy-passive and energy-saving standard.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 11 am, Eco-Center Archa Country Life

Nymburk Between Banks – Gaps And Public Space

About the contemporary form and potential of the city center. We will focus on gaps, problematic buildings, public space, city furniture. Discussion about character of streets, green areas, squares. Possible boat ride in medieval water moat. A walk with architect Jan Ritter ml. and art historian Jan Červinka.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 1 pm, Na Rejdišti

Olomouc – On Kosmonautů Boulevard

We will see the oldest prefab block of flats in Olomouc, learn the circumstances of construction of Kosmonautů Boulevard, find out how the city planning developed and what is its future like? We will look for decorations in a housing estate and find out what is left and what is lost. With art historian Martina Mertová, architect Petr Daněk, and guide Jan Jeništa.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, at the playing fountain in front of the train station (Jeremenkova Str.)

Olomouc – Rudolf Eitelberger Award 2015

Announcement of the fourth year of the award for a successful architectonic or urban planning project and monument conservation in Olomouc and its region in the period of 7/2013 – 8/2015. The awarding ceremonial will be preceded by an opening of exhibition of three previous prizewinners and ten nominees in Lomená galerie.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3.
5:30 pm Opening; Lomená galerie (Denisova Str., opposite to Museum of Art)
6 pm Announcement of Awards; Music Theatre (Denisova Str.)

Olomouc – From Neředín Over The Green Horizon To Hněvotín

We will walk on the old road from Neředín, originally independent village, through endangered Neředínský horizon all the way to Hněvotín. We will learn about the new territorial plan and changes it brought along, and we will see a typical urban sprawl in Hněvotín.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm, tram stop Neředín – krematorium

Ostrava – Vítkovice - Industrial Architecture DOV

Dolní Vítkovice consists of a former industrial area of Hlubina Mine, coking plant, and blast furnaces of Vítkovické železárny. The area is a unique industrial monument and unmistakable symbol of Ostrava and the whole Moravian-Silesian Region. Guided tour with architectonic studio away from the usual visitors routes. Reservation required:

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 1 pm, Visitors Center under VP1 (Blast Furnace No. 1), Dolní Vítkovice

Pardubice On Water
Houses rising along the water, bridges crossing river banks...

Water is a phenomenon and city-making element. Offcity trip on the water about water structures, bridges, riverbanks, and architecture built along the rivers Chrudimka and Labe with architect Ondřej Teplý and architecture historian František Václavík. Reservation required:, until September 20.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, meeting point and other info will be sent to those with reservations

Písek - Fording In Mohelnice

Following the previous topic of Architecture Day about the potential of the Otava River, architects Petr Lešek (Projektil) and Martin Zborník (Ateliér v kódu and Písecký svět) are inviting you for the fifth time to ford the river bed of Mohelnický potok with them to discover its potential for the city of Písek. More info on

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, at the river mouth of Mohelnický potok and Otava River = end of Ostrovní Street, before the footbridge to the island.

Pilsen - Modern Pilsen

Even though modern architecture in Pilsen in the first half of the 20th century didn’t play such a significant part as in Zlín or Hradec Králové, its ethos of progress and transformation is still visible. The richness of modern style in Pilsen and its relation to present times will be in the center of a program by Pilsen Architectonic Manual (PAM), members of a club Pěstuj prostor and their guests. The first item on the program will be a premiere architectonic walk of PAM - Cooperative and Manufacturing District. In the following hours until midnight there will be excursions and other cultural events in the most interesting interwar buildings (including inaccessible and hardly reachable interiors or roofs).

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, Pobřežní Str. (in front of KD Peklo)
Beginnings of excursions and events: Sat, Oct 3 in 4 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm, 10 pm, and 12 pm.

Poděbrady - Builders Of Poděbrady On Bikes

Bicycle ride around streets that maintained the character of a residential district according to the best traditions and abilities of local builders in contrast to post-revolution urban sprawl. With SPA Architects.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 4 pm, on bikes in front of train station

Prague – Strahov Stadium

From Sokol members to football players. The past and present time of Strahov Stadium with architecture historian Miroslav Pavel. Uncover the faded glory of the biggest stadium of its kind in the world.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 9 am, the vent of Strahovský tunnel

Prague – Topography Of Water

River and streams, alluvial plateaus, and deep valleys are also architecture. With landscape architect Štěpán Špoula we will see how this original structure of Prague looks like and how should we read it.

Meeting time: Sat, October 3, 10 am, in front of Libeňský zámeček in Prague 8

Prague - Spořilov – The Biggest Garden Town Of Greater Prague

The so-called old Spořilov as an example of a garden town from the times of the First Republic that should still be - as far as urban planning solution, self-sufficiency, and generously built public greenery is concerned - a model for foundation of new residential complexes. Reminder of the original idea and today’s state affected mainly by the changes in local community, reconstructions of family houses, changes of services, and car transportation.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 10 am, in front of the Church of St. Agnes of Bohemia in Spořilov

Prague – Hlávkův Bridge – Concrete Gallery Over The River

Hlávkův Bridge built according to the plans of architect Pavel Janák and structural engineer František Mencl in 1909-1912 is overlooked and yet extraordinary example of early modern architecture and sculpture making. The current condition of the bridge is sad even though it is monument that expresses the arrival of architectonic cubism in a unique way. With art historian Vendula Hnídková.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 11 am, Vltavská metro station, open space in front of the entrance

Praha – Strašnice – Solidarita

During our walk we will visit the first postwar housing estate in Prague, Solidarita, that will surprise you with its generous urban planning, use of concrete panels as well as low row houses inspired by Scandinavian housing. With art historian Eva Novotná.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 11 am, Strašnická metro station

Prague – 1970’s In The Center

The evaluation of architectural quality of 1970’s structures is still deformed by negative connotations on the time of their origin. Federal Assembly, Kotva, Intercontinental, ČKD, Nová scéna. We will explore houses by the most significant architects of the 1970’s in the city center and discuss the issues of conservation of this architecture with art historian Veronika Vichterková.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, National Theatre piazzeta

Prague - Desfours Palace – 4+4 Days in Motion (Let’s Go Inside)

Desfours Palace was built in 1845 next to Těšnov train station. There used to be a garden, greenhouse, and west wing demolished due to the construction of “Rudé právo”. Painted decorations are the same age as the building and belong to the most important works of Czech mural painting of the 19th century. The whole object will be opened to the public as part of the festival 4+4 Days in Motion, showing several exhibitions of contemporary visual art.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm - 4 pm, Na Florenci 21, Praha 1

Praha – Breathtaking I.P. Pavlova (Let’s Go Inside)

Visit the private rooftop of a former Gráf Hotel with a unique view over Prague. Architecture historian Zdeněk Lukeš will tell us about the history of the Hotel and its surroundings. The excursion will be followed by film screening of Unfinished Spaces. Entrance free.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm - 5 pm, lecture 3 pm, Prague Gallery, I.P.Pavlova 5

Prague – Karlín: Workers Out, Accounts In

We’ll start at Langweill Model of Prague where we can see Karlín in 1837, at the beginning of its industrial glory. We will end in the seat of Economia Publishing House, a former engineering hall is now producing newspapers instead of furnaces and the industrial era is definitely gone. What was in between? Demolitions and constructions, beautification and gentrification. Around the transformed district of Karlín with journalist Karolína Vránková and architect David Mateásko.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 4 pm, in front of the Municipal Museum Prague

Prague – National Gallery - Trade Fair Palace – Architecture For Art

How does an artist in the role of exhibition architect think? Meet artists that work with objects and installations on the boundary of architecture and at the same time design exhibitions of contemporary art. Dominik Lang installed the exhibition of Jindřich Chalupecký Award laureates, being awarded himself. Another laureate of this award, Jiří Příhoda, prepares an installation of retrospective exhibition of re-discovered sculptor Marie Bartuszová in Trade Fair Palace. Guided excursion and interview about various ways of exhibition architecture.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, by the ticket office in Trade Fair Palace

Prague –National Gallery - Architecture For Art

Workshop for parents and children as well as other participants. Can statue become architecture? What does an artist who becomes exhibition architect do? Come and try borderline disciplines - installation of an exhibition and sculptural intervention in space that becomes architecture. Your inspiration will be artist Dominik Lang combining installations, architecture, and sculpture in his work. Workshop will be organized by Šárka Matoušková and Michaela Trpišovská. You can come anytime during the workshop.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 3 pm - 5:30 pm, Trade Fair Palace

Prague – Trade Fair Palace Unknown

A functionalist architecture masterpiece, Trade Fair Palace was built in 1926-1928 following the design of Josef Fuchs and Oldřich Tyl and it was one of the first functionalist buildings in our country as well as in Europe. Originally, it served to retail purposes but it burnt down in 1974 and after strenuous negotiations it was reconstructed for the needs of the National Gallery in Prague. Today, it is a place presenting a unique collection of Czech and foreign modern and contemporary art. Curator Radomíra Sedláková will guide you through usually inaccessible sections of Trade Fair Palace.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 4 pm, by the ticket office in Trade Fair Palace

Prague – City And River

River is an inseparable part of the city. On one side, it provides a support; on the other side, it binds it with its watercourse. How have Prague and Vltava River become accustomed to each other? People - river - city. With historian Richard Biegel not only about Vltava River and its impact on forming of Prague on a walk from Agnesian district to Štvanice island.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 9 am, Na Františku Hospital

Prague – Residential House Pod Altánem + Eco-Center Archa Country Life In Nenačovice

Guided excursion to an award-winning house built in energy passive standard. Guided by architect of the house, Aleš Brotánek. The excursion is followed by a trip to Eco-Center Archa Country Life in Nenačovice. Free bus ride is provided, reservation required. Reservation system will be opened in the beginning of September. Info on

Meeting point: Sun, October 4
9 am Excursion to the residential house Pod Altánem
10:15 am departure of the bus to Eco-Center Archa Country Life in Nenačovice
2 pm return to Prague (lunch included)

Prague – Císařský Island – Coexistence With River Restored

Císařský Island through the eyes of its users and caretakers. Presentation of the results of competition workshop that brought along a new perspective on Prague sewage treatment plant and its immediate surroundings.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 10 am, at the bottom gate of Trojský Castle

Prague – Gateway To Karlín – Negrelli Viaduct And Its Possibilities

A walk with architect and theoretician Yvette Vašourková around the second oldest Prague bridge will uncover forgotten places on the borders of Prague 1 and Karlín. Place so far and yet so close. Let’s talk about the possibilities of breathing new life into the space under the Viaduct and its neighborhood. The inspirational walk will run along the Karlín Viaduct from the riverbank to Vítkov Hill. All ideas will be recorded.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 11.30 am, corner of Sokolovská and Prvního pluku Streets, in front of Mlsná Kavka restaurant

Prague Banal and Global

Palladium Shopping Center, Mariott Hotel, Florentinum – why are these buildings in the center of Prague anyway? And do you know that behind Atrium Hotel there is a penguin run? A walk with journalist Karolína Vránková around global architecture and its errors near Florenc.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 1 pm, in front of Desfours Palace, Na Florenci 21

Prague – Lost Places Of Vinohrady II.

Demolished houses, vanished farmsteads, closed theatres. About what can no longer be seen but remains in stories and narrations. Around Vinohrady as a wild Prague suburb with architects Markéta Mráčková and Marek Šilar. Continuation of last year’s walk.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 1 pm, náměstí Míru Sq., in front of the church

Prague on Bicycle

Bicycle ride with urban transport planner Tomáš Cach around new cycling measures and other beauties of public space in Prague. You will learn about the preparations of some of the realized arrangements, what was successful and what wasn’t and why. And you will try them yourself.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm, Karlovo Square, in front of the Church of St. Ignatius

Prague - Buďánka for Prague

“Future is for those who believe in their beautiful dreams.”/ Eleanor Roosevelt /
On paths and stairs, in vacated objects in Buďánka colony, you can find small surprises / for example by Smrk Architekti, painter Veronika Palečková, photograph Stanislav Krupař... /. We are renovating former Koloniál (Grocery) as a pilot project of revitalization, there might even be KOMA - Happy Container. We are preparing materials for open architectonic competition for the revitalization of this conservation zone.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm, Nad Zámečnicí Street

Prague – Architecture of Vršovice in the 1960’s and 80’s

Along the former “SNB Avenue” (now Vršovická Street) all the way to “náměstí Kubánské revoluce” there are still seven ruins of the exemplary architecture of 1960’s - 80’s. These were designed by for example J. Siegel, V. Klimeš, Z. Edel, J. Votruba, and many others. A walk with Nela Bastlová who was born into Vršovice architecture in the middle of the 1980’s, who was co-determined and raised by this art, and who witnessed the destruction of this style.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm, in front of KOH-I-NOOR factory, Vršovická Str.

Prague - Modern Architecture In Prague 15

Guided walk with architecture historians Marcel Pencák and Ladislav Zikmund-Lender. They will show you the greatest masterpieces of industrial architecture (Hostivař Mills/Film Studios HOST, functionalist Sokol Gym by Ladislav Machoň, cooperative houses by Bohumil Hypšman, teachers’ house by Evžen Linhart).

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 3 pm, Hostivař Station, tram stop

Pragovka Studios – Let’s Go Inside

Kolbenova Street today is a synonym of industrial buildings stretching along the both sides of the street. In the north, there is the original area of Kolbenka factory with many monuments; on the south there is a complex of buildings connecting to former warehouse of the Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs built in 1931-1932, also called “E-Hall” because of its ground plan. E-Hall was built by K. Skorkovský and Pražská stavební a betonářská společnost according to Josef Kalous’ project who used reinforced concrete skeleton structure of mushroom ceilings in the whole object including foundations. Due to destruction of other buildings, manufacture of legendary car Praga V3S was moved here after the war and the prototype of this car was born here in 1952. Now two-storey building (the addition was built probably after WW II) serves as art studios since 2012. There are over 30 studios for more than 70 painters, sculptors, and conceptual artists working under the title Pragovka.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 3 pm – 6 pm, Kolbenova 616/34, Prague 9

Prague – Pankrác: Unrealized Architectonic Dream

Architecture historian Martina Flekačová is returning to Pankrác after one year to finish the story of the construction of a new urban district with Central square as modernist architects have dreamt it up. The walk will lead from Hrdinů Sq. through Czech TV premises and Pankrác housing estate to the hearth of Pankrác, so-called Pentagon.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 4 pm, Hrdinů Square, in front of Milada Horáková memorial

Prague – Břevnov, Part 3

Take a walk around Břevnov for the third time. This time we will focus on Ladronka farmstead and villas of the so-called Small Vatican through which we will go down to Bělohorská Street. We will provide information about history, present time, as well as planned interventions. Guided by Daniel Čapek and Michal Volf.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 4 pm, in front of the entrance to Ladronka

Prague – Roger, Prague

Žižkov Television Tower and other structures by architect Václav Aulický with Vladimír 518.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 6 pm, under Žižkov Television Tower

Prague – DOX – Family Workshop Houses As Stories

Family workshop as part of Architecture Day accompanying the exhibition Jakub Szczęsny: Operations. Do you know the narrowest house in the world? Architect Jakub Szczęsny designed it for Israeli writer Etgar Keret in a gap between two apartment houses in Warsaw. Be inspired by many other peculiar projects by the Polish architect and build up known as well as hidden corners of DOX center. The lowest, most inclined or highest house is just a matter of imagination. The workshop is suitable for children over 5 years and their parents. Limited capacity. Reservations and information:, phone: 295 568 104

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm - 5 pm

Prague – DOX – Guided excursion to the exhibition Jakub Szczęsny: Operations with the artist
Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 3 pm - 4 pm

Prague – DOX – Lecture Jakub Szczęsny
Jakub Szcęsny (1973) is Polish architect, co-founder of Centrala architectonic studio (2001). Centrala studio is perceived as a space for exchange of thoughts and ideas. His individual projects and works are based on a conglomerate of solid scientific and artistic preparations. Limited capacity. Reservations and information:

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 4:30 pm - 6 pm

Prachatice From War Till Revolution

Like many other cities, Prachatice too underwent a substantial urban change during the Socialism. What was this change like? What it took away from the city and what it brought? And did we deal with it? These questions are valid again when comparing the 25 years of post-revolution development. We will try to think about them together. Guided not only by students of architecture from a platform Prostor Prachatice.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm, Družba Pub, Přátelství Square 690, (outside the restaurant)

Přerov – Industrial Charm Of Přerov

Industrial buildings are inseparably connected with Přerov and yet their charm is often hidden. An excursion to several significant industrial structures and places will introduce a piece of history of the city and raise questions about new direction of these areas. Focused mainly on 20th century industrial buildings. Be sure to wear solid shoes.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, Dluhonská 77, next to Nový svět restaurant

Přerov – Přerov Villas

We will ride on bikes through the whole city to see interesting villas of the last century. Those with enough energy can explore the latest architectonic jewels in other parts of Přerov. Sunday bicycle ride with architect Jan Horký.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm, TGM Square

Rovina – Openly: New Architecture

Rovina settlement has been expanded in a short time by a new “neighborhood” being a display of various “unrealized dreams” about one’s own house with garden. Architects Daria Balejová and Šárka Sodomková will take you on a bicycle ride and show you examples of interesting and successful solutions of this uneasy architectural task.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, Rovina u Řevnic, village square

Rožnov pod Radhoštěm – Place For Vacation And Hidden Architectonic Quality

Reminder of Rožnov as vacation spot for educated middle class people who have left their mark here in the form of weekend houses designed by (not only) Šlapeta brothers. We will visit Rybníčky neighborhood, where the beauty of these objects has been progressively restored, with historian Daniel Drápala and architects Michal Nejezdchleba and Daniel Baroš.
Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 9 am, at Společenský dům

Public Space Festival

Public space in the center of the city used unlimitedly by ubiquitous cars. Common lunch under the blue sky on the street. Music will play and you might even visit the church tower. Presentation of the planned projects of transformation of the most important areas in Rožnov center. Meeting with municipal representatives and architects Michale Nejezdchleba and Daniel Baroš.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 12:30 pm, Nádražní Str., in front of the church

Rožnov – Stockings And Socks – Loana Factory (Let’s Go Inside)

Textile factory Loana as a living part of Bezručova Street. Visit to the oldest building with new shops, cafés, gallery. End in studios with presentation of the planned interventions (new territorial plan, competitions…). Informal discussion about topics related to our city.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 5 pm - 8 pm, Bezručova Str., in front of the library, 5 pm excursion

Trutnov – Trutnov Of The First Republic

Together with historian Ondřej Vašata and architect Jan Veisser we will walk around important buildings from the early 1900’s with a special emphasis on works by Trutnov native, architect Max Kühn. Besides significant buildings in the center and villas near the park, we would like to go through garden city to Kryblice. Final discussion will take place in Kabinet.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, Krakonošovo Square, by the fountain

Trutnov – Interior Of UFFo

Guided visit to the interior of UFFo - Community center of Trutnov Region with the director Libor Kasík. The visit will include a look into the technical background and publicly inaccessible parts.
UFFo is still arousing emotions. The building from 2010 by architects Radek Vopalecký and Luděk Štefek has received an award in the 19th Building of the Year competition, and it has become regional building of the year 2011. On the other side, it is criticized by some for its expensive operation.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 11 am, in front of the main entrance to UFFo

Třebíč – Live Jewish Quarter Today

A difficult renovation of historically immensely valuable Jewish Quarter, that became a ghetto for poor people after WW II, brought this part of the city to the UNESCO Heritage List. But what to do next so that the genius loci won’t disappear and the crooked streets will be full of life once again? How is it possible to connect conservation and everyday life of the residents? Historical walk with architect Lubor Herzán with up-to-date insights of current life in the neighborhood.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, Basilica of St. Procopius

Třebíč – Borovina Open!

A visit to Borovina will remind tanners of Budišov, Baťa, architect Karfík, Baťa’s semi-detached houses, and other significant buildings/milestones in this part of the city. We will focus on current revitalization of the area and the walk will end by free entrance to Alternátor - new eco-technological center. Under the guidance of D+architects.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm, Koželužská Str. 292/13

Třebíč – Being Architect in Your Town (workshop)

Svojsíkovo nábřeží and a meadow under the castle are in the center of the city. When not serving to musical festival, they are empty. What would you like to see there, what are you missing? Is it possible for something great to be happening here every day?
D+Architects and students of High School of Construction are going to do it and you are welcome to join us!

Meeting point: Fri, October 2, 10 am – 6 pm, Karlovo Square

Ústí nad Labem – Panel City – Contrasts of Severní Terasa

Severní Terasa is considered to be one of the most successfully done Czech housing estates. What was the original conception and architecture? How has this space changed in the last 25 years? What is the right approach to the revitalization of housing estates and their open spaces? That and even more during a walk through Severní Terasa with architects from Ústí and other guests of portal Ústí///Aussig.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 3 pm, in front of the Municipal Authority Severní Terasa, Stavbařů 2

VImperk - Winterbegr - Forms and Explorations of Medieval Castle

Under the surface of Vimperk Castle, there is a medieval castle hidden. Together with the castle warden Vojtěch Brož we will walk around the castle and its surroundings to see archaeological excavations, early Gothic architecture, and the oldest forms of the castle.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 9:30 am, I. courtyard of the Castle under the tower

Vimperk – Urbanistic Development Of Vimperk

Historical as well as urbanistic development of Vimperk spans over many centuries and the subsequent changes were conditioned by historical events in the city. You will have a chance to explore changes of the historical seat from the initial settlement, through market village to fortified town; change of the castle district during the Thirty Years’ War, beginnings of industrial manufacture in the emerging suburbs, or the transformation of the city into the industrial center of Šumava. Guided by art historian Ladislav Čepička.

VIMPERK - HASELBURG and Fortification of Vimperk in 15the Century

The Castle and city of Vimperk was connected into one whole by the fortification in the 15th century. Moreover, the most endangered access to the Castle was protected by advanced bastion Haselburg. Together with historian Vladislav Razím, expert on fortification architecture, around one of the most interesting 15th century fortification still in existence.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, beginning of Zahradní Str. above Svobody Square

Volyně – Residential Outdoor School Or Sleeping Beauty

Now abandoned area of an outdoor school was made by architect Ladislav Konopka in 1980–1987. Controversial concept saving children from North Bohemia on three-week stay in Šumava foothills. The inspiration was labour union school ADGB built in 1930 according to the desing of Hannes Meyer. Will Sleeping Beauty find her Prince after all these years? With architect Lukáš Velíšek.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm, Chomutovská Str., main entrance to the former outdoor school

Vrané nad Vltavou – Nová Perla

The premises of a former paper mill in Vrané nad Vltavou changes into a creative space thanks to the attention of Divus organization. The goal is progressive revitalization of these objects and creation of space with new actual content focused mainly on artistic, handicraft, and socio-cultural activities appreciated not only by the locals but also non-resident visitors that will hold the mirror up to institutionalized cultural scene through community work.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 11 am - 5 pm, Nová Perla, Nádražní 101

Vrchlabí – Historical And Present

Well-known as well as less-know buildings in the city with a crash course in behavior in conservation area with the conservationists Georgij Kirjakovsky and Marek Daněk. We will visit interiors of selected buildings - Augustinian Monastery, “Old” Town Hall, or the new Krkonoše Krnap center KCEV Krtek.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 9 am, in front of the castle (City Authority)

Všechovice – Around the Hometown of Bohuslav Fuchs

Small but pretty - Všechovice village. We can find here a Baroque castle, trihedral wayside shire, church, stone cross, Fuchs’ apartment houses, and functionalist cemetery. Walk with the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture in Brno, Jiří Palacký.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm, exhibition hall of Bohuslav Fuchs in Všechovice

Vysoké Mýto – Inner Emptiness Of Vysoké Mýto

There are tens of unused buildings in Vysoké Mýto as well as spare areas for new houses. What about them? The territorial plan now allows for development sites for new construction hundred years ahead. Why should the city grow into the landscape when it is emptying from the inside? Exteriors and interiors with architects from proMejto association.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 1 pm, parking lot on the corner of Litomyšlská and Škrétova Streets (opposite M-Klub)

Zlín – From Shopping To Dessert

How did catering facilities and grocery stores in Zlín look like in the 20th century? How have they changed through the decades and what is left today? A walk around Baťa dining halls, cafés, and department stores, cake shops, and post-war supermarkets with architecture historian Klára Eliášová.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 9:30 am, Práce Sq. – by the department store

Zlín And Its Architecture In Literature

This year’s walk with architect Jitka Ressová will be accompanied by quotations from works by authors who used the genius loci of Zlín in their books. Literary part prepared by Barbora Kárníková.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 2 pm, Info-point Baťa housing, Nad Ovčírnou 1295

Zlín – Art In Public Space

How does art in public space look like in Zlín? Guided tour with Lucie Šmardová around the new realizations and forgotten art works we are encountering everyday unknowingly.

Meeting point: Sun, October 4, 10 am, in front of Collective House, Osvoboditelů 3778

Znojmo - Jewels Of “Vienna Periphery”

Before the First Republic, Znojmo was experiencing architectural boom in metropolitan style as an important link to the capital city of the monarchy. With historians Jan Kozdas and Jiří Kacetl we will visit the most important works of architecture. Including excursion to Weinberger Villa.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 3 pm, Znojmo Theater, Masarykovo Square 22

Zlín – Film screening: Plán (Plan)

Who owns a city? How much is public space worth? Is developer a rude word? Representative, who do you represent? A documentary by director Benjamin Tuček follows the development of city planning in Prague. After the screening there will be a discussion on “Meaningful Use of Public Space”.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 8 pm, Svět Cinema, Havlíčkova 7

Žďár nad Sázavou – New To The Old One: Conversions And Additions in Vysočany

How is it possible to live individually in new built in an older residential district? A walk with local native Petr Matějka will introduce new conversions and additions for individual housing in Vysočany district. With commentary from the architects themselves.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 10 am, crossing of Jungmannova, Dolní and Libušínská Streets, Wonkova (by the winter stadium)

Žďár nad Sázavou - New In The Old One: Living In Boiler Houses

This walk will present four conversions of former gas boiler houses built in 1970’s to provide heating for the apartment houses nearby. The conversions went on independently. One unified object ended up in four different results. Visit to one of the boiler houses with architect Štěpán Matějka and authors of the design.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, Neumannova stop

Piešťany – 10 % Of Art In Architecture

Art is a part of architecture but it can have different forms that we are going to show you. Art in architecture can be a fountain in residential complex as well as the building itself. During Socialism, art in architecture was compulsory, expressed as a certain percentage of the construction costs. We will have a look on this percentage too.

Meeting point: Sat, October 3, 2 pm, Barlolamač statue, Kolonádový Bridge