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Program of the Festival Film and Architecture 2016 is in its preparations. Further information will be gradually added.

Film and Architecture 2016 in the Visegrad countries:
New platform of the film festivals on architecture


Main organizator:

Kruh, NGO (Czechia) 
– organisator of the Architecture Day and Film and Architecture Festival held in Prague in October 2016

Partners from the Visegrad countries:

Contemporary Architecture Centre in Budapest – KEK (Hungary)
Main organisator of the Budapest Architecture Film Days held in Budapest in March 2017

Beton Film Festival Warsaw (Poland)
held in Warsaw in April 2017

Days of Architecture and Design Bratislava – DAAD Festival (Slovakia)
held in Bratislava in May 2017

Together with our partners we will create new festival platform focused on the topic Film and Architecture in the Visegrad Countries and take up new partnership, which will continue after the end of the project. The main reason of this activity is our common effort to mediate main themes of living space, urban landscape and architecture through the film medium to the widest range of spectators, help to the better perception of related problems and achieve positive changes in the society.

The projections in year 2015

Film and Architecture in the Visegrad countries Prague International Conference

4.10. 2016 / 14:00 / Kino Světozor, Vodičkova 41


Film and Architecture in the Visegrad  Countries – New Platform of the Film Festivals on Architecture



 1) 9 years of the Budapest Architecture Film Days

by Daniella Huszár (Curator and gallery manager at the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre)


2) Architecture and the public

by Marcela Steinbachová (the founder of Kruh and Architecture Day, an architect +  architect of the year 2016)


3) Opening up the architectural field, Theory and practice of BETON Film Festival

by Adam Przywara and Andrzej Brzózka (Curators and co-founders of BETON Film Festival, Warsaw)


4) DAAD/Local Global“

by Tatiana Kollarová (an architect, a promoter of architecture and design, Days of Architecture and Design Bratislava) and Števo Polakovič (an authorized architect of SKA, Days of Architecture and Design Bratislava)