Český Těšín – Architecture of a Duplex City Cieszyn/Těšín/Český Těšín

A walk from the historic centre on the Polish side to the modern buildings on the Czech side. Architecture historian Martin Strakoš will start his tour at the Railway Station in Český Těšín. Then he will direct his group to the Polish historic centre. They will pass Café Avion and move towards the Těšín Chateau. Here the participants can see the remnants of a former castle and the rotunda, which is the oldest sight in the town and an interesting example of monument preservation. From the Chateau the group will walk to the real historic centre of Těšín. Martin Strakoš presents its streets, squares and crucial buildings of the Baroque, Classism, Historicism and Art Noveau periods, both religious and profane. After lunch break, the tour will continue exploring the design of modern buildings in Český Těšín.

Meeting point: Sunday 5 October, 9:30, at the Railway Station in Český Těšín (train from Ostrava-Svinov leaves 8:19 and train from Ostrava hlavní nádraží at 8:28)