A stroll led by Jaromír Śvejdík, native of Jeseník and a big enthusiast, and his son Matyáš. Discovering the nature of the city, its past and present. From the centre to the spa and back again.Through the alleys. Along the music path. Across two squares. Passing the housing estates and the old villas. Close looks and views from a distance. Looking for the old to compare it with the new. What did Freiwaldau look like? What was the face of Frývaldov and then of Jeseník? And most importantly: what face is the city going to have?
„The town at the confluence of the rivers Bělá and Stařič is like a pearl in a bracelet surrounded by mountains from three sides.“ (Květoslav Growka: Zmizelá Morava a Slezsko: Jeseník)
Meeting point: Sat 5 October, 13:00, Caffé Ennea (nám. Svobody 832/25)