What is the history of Roudná? How has this unique part of Pilsen been formed? What traces has architect Hanuš Zápal left here? Pilsen architects will guide us through past and present of this extraordinary quarter. The stroll is part of the programme Pěstuj prostor (Care for your Space!) organized by the association Plzeň 2015 and co-organized by Škoda Plzně, Zapálení 02 and Maják Plzně. The walk will end in Pavlovův ústav (Pavlov’s Pavilion) belonging to the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. It will be followed by projection of the film Human Scale about a “humane dimension” of the city.
Meeting point: Sat 5 October, 16:00, at the corner of the streets Na Roudné and Pod Všemi Svatými