Architect Lukáš Beran presents the transformation of an industrial district. The North-Eastern part of Vysočany is the last large complex of authentic industrial architecture – it acquires new functions only slowly. Along Kolbenova Street, there are not only the Emil Kolben Electrotechnical Factory buildings (later ČKD works)  with their large sites for war production of aircrafts, but also the storehouses of the Ministry of Postal Service and the remainders of the factories Aero and AGA. The steam mill of the Odkolek company in the street Ke Klíčovu by architect Hubert Gessner could also become one of the re-established symbols of Vysočany. The tour is a part of the 6th Biennale Vestiges of Industry.

MEETING POINT: 2. 10., 10:00, stanice metra Kolbenova