About us

The KRUH Association, in cooperation with local organizations and initiatives,
organizes the eleventh annual nationwide festival in the autumn.

About festival

This fall again – as in the past ten years – the KRUH association in cooperation with local-based organizations and initiatives will be organizing the nation-wide festival known as The Day of Architecture, with many Czech Moravian and even Slovakian cities, towns and other municipalities of all magnitudes engaging in its numerous events. This year’s 11th edition will run between September 29 – October 4.

The Day of Architecture, though, is not just about guided walks, but also about cyclo-tours, boat trips, screenings, discussions, family workshops, artistic installations…

About Kruh

A civic association KRUH (Circle) was founded in 2001 by a group of architecture students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and it is the only NGO, which operates professionally and continually within the architecture field nowadays. Focus of our activities lies in an ongoing cycle of lectures on architecture held by leading Czech and foreign architects and architecture critics. In addition to that, we have organized excursions to contemporary architectural realisations and film festivals.

During 20 years of our activity, we have already provided more than 270 lectures, many excursions abroad, 7 film festivals on architecture, an exhibition and published 5 collective volumes with texts on architecture. All our activities gained both a favourable public response (200 – 800 visitors per lecture) and a response of professional press – we were awarded an Architekt magazine prize in 2003. Within 10 years anniversary of the KRUH the Architecture Day was founded 10 years ago and since then every edition attracts thousands of visitors.

So far we have lined up lectures by CH. Kerez, V. Olgiati, L. Snozzi, G. Vogt, G. A. Caminada, A. Betsky and many women architects from the youngest generation to matadors who have presented their work during our 2 year project Women architects.

In all we do our goal is to create a continuous dialogue about modern architecture among architects, architecture theorists and public. Our target group consists of architecture students, architects, construction engineers, humanities students and last but not least the general public.

Why all this and why KRUH?

Architecture hits me on all fronts, each day a lot more than once; although I’m an old urban animal, I find it sometimes just damnable… but other times: ain’t it adorable? I admire architects who can bring something good to completion. They have it tough, man, having to respect all restrictions and fulfill all wishes and expectations, and – on top of all – make sure it won´t collapse.

Krištof Kintera, sculptor

My parents wanted their son to be an architect, but it never came to be… What I like best is walking, being in motion, in-and-around the city. For me, a walk constitutes the basis of thinking. While walking you learn and are creative. I am a guy who’s rather focused on himself, not really looking around. I’m probably missing something. The Day of Architecture gives me a chance to mend my ways, listen up and have a chat or two, and be a better person. Hurray.

Tomáš Luňák, film director

There is no escape from architecture. It will get you wherever you go. To an extent you can explore it, walk-wise or bike-wise, under the guidance of authors or historians but most importantly under the guidance of your own heart.

David Vávra, architect and actor

I’ve always believed in simple definitions. We can’t add quality to the environment we live in, and make it more pleasurable, without paying more attention to it. The Day of Architecture is exactly the type of an event that offers great opportunities to learn more about it with the help of knowledgeable guides and to become an agent of change for the better. I will for sure pick some tour and take part in it with a great deal of pleasure.

Adam Gebrian, architecture theorist and promoter

Being interested in architecture makes us more sensitive to our environment. And I am not talking about sources of inspiration for making our dwellings look better. What I have in mind is sensitivity in more general terms, a quest for layers of meanings incorporated in buildings, streets, towns and cities, but also in landscapes. This is not to say that uncovering the concealed meanings would be a direct path to wisdom, but it is a prerequisite for acquiring appropriate virtues that can direct us towards it: consideration, humility, sense of tradition, and responsibility.

Rostislav Koryčánek, architecture historian

I am a big fan of events organized by Kruh. The Day of Architecture ranks among the most interesting ones, opening up ways in which one can acquire deeper understanding of how to embed architecture into historical, urban and landscape contexts.

Petr Nikl, visual artist and performer

Architecture? Same as literature, if you ask me. What you need is a good plot, interesting characters, unique language.

Jaroslav Rudiš, writer